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Hungry Jack's Pty Ltd. is an Australian fast food franchise of the Burger King Corporation. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Competitive Foods Australia, a privately held company owned by Jack Cowin. Hungry Jack's owns and operates or sub-licences all of the Burger King/Hungry Jack's restaurants in Australia. As the master franchise for the country, the company is responsible for licensing new operators, opening its own stores and performing standards oversight of franchised locations in that country. With over 400 locations across Australia, Hungry Jack's is the second largest franchise of Burger King in the world (second to Carrols Corporation).

Aline shared her experience, "I made an order from Hungry Jacks/ Bankstown branch- worth $77- and all I received after 1.5hrs was the drinks (4 cokes) No food what so ever . When I called to follow up, I was told they couldn't do anything about it and was asked to place a new order... and that means to wait all over again to receive my lunch order!! This is such an insensible and irresponsible reply... a complete failure on Hungry Jacks' side! PS, we often receive orders with missing items, but not receiving the whole order!"


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Crew Member (Former Employee) says

"management is poor and full of bullies. New management came in and made the store a horrible environment to work in. Never will I step foot back in that building"

Crew Member (Former Employee) says

"A typical work day could consist of thinking you were coming in for a 3 hour shift and then end up working for 8 or more hours, requests for days off that were put into the systems 2 or 3 months in advance work often ignored and work scheduled for those daysStaff discountLong hours, working the job of two or three people at once"

Hungry Jacks Crew Member (Former Employee) says

"I would not suggest working at hungry jacks as a casual crew member as you are only there to fill, in the spcaes in which the part time members can not work, If the manager is prehaps your family you get 4 and 5 shifts a week but if you have no relationship to the managers what so ever you are just there to cover the shiftsd they cant fillBadBad"

Hungry Jack's Crew Member (Former Employee) says

"My time at Hungry Jack's as an employee wasn't the greatest. You're not treated with much respect ad aren't spoken to very nicely. The pay rate isn't worth the effort that you place into the job. I always left the end of the shift unhappy."

Front counter customer service (Former Employee) says

"Horrible managers and they treat you like your no good Terrible place to work Managers were horrible they don't know They don't know how to treat there stafmembers how to treatNothingNothing"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I was only paid $12 (Au) an hour even though I am 17 almost 18. They are always seriously under-staffed and school holidays are a nightmare- the queue snakes throughout the store and then out the door with customers constantly abusing us at every turn for having to wait, as only 1 register is operating + 300 people queuing! One night I finished at 4 am- I started at 5 pm the day before. You really do see the nasty side of humans when working for H.Jacks or the likes. So if you like to get verbally abused every day, this is the job for you- oh and the managers do NOTHING WHATSOEVER when all of this abuse is going on, nothing! I have seen staff members walk out in tears never to return. Most of the managers are utter + complete creeps to their staff, they are bullied, intimidated + verbally abused also, I have only ever come across 2 that have a conscience and are 'normal' or pleasant, respectful even, otherwise it is one mean shock for the new employee. So do yourself a favour, DON'T bother applying for a job here! This multi-national company stinks to high heaven + makes billions in profit with no regard for their staff's welfare whatsoever while paying them American style very-low wages. They also pay literally no tax either. Shame H.Jacks, Shame!"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Everyone I worked with, including managers, had no respect for anyone. They'd always have something rude to say. They never took my feelings into consideration because "work is work, not for touchy feely moments"."

Customer Service (Current Employee) says

"Horrible job, too much drama between employees, poor management, laziness of managers and workers. I worked too hard at that place with bad pay and no holiday rates were given due to being cheap"

Customer service (Former Employee) says

"Hungry Jack's is a very stressful and disrespectful workplace; I was expected to do impossible tasks, reports of racism did not matter, and I was inappropriately touched and bullied by another worker multiple times. Not to mention there were fruit flies everywhere, and I always saw patties laying on the floor."

Crew Member (Former Employee) says

"absolute garbage management and staff. hires a person and never calls them back after 1 shift. I had to do the stupid Jedi training for pretty much no reason. don't work here, definitely not worth it."

Assistant Manager (Full Time) says

"No matter how much effort you put in you never even get a thank you or a well done, abusive customers who blame us for things head office so wrong, a district manager who is a sexist pig. Overworked and under paid doesn’t even begin to describe it."

Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"Bad company culture, intensive racism, a large influx of nepalese employees and hence the dreaded language barrier, unprofessional work practices and zero worker appraisal, no remove for employ development."

Restaurant Manager (Former Employee) says

"I STRONGLY discourage anyone from working here. Cut hours for crew, management changes very frequently. They will literally promote ANYONE into management. Crew in highest rate get paid as much as managers do. Stupid shifts which constantly change with no stability. Never get recognized for any hard work, rather told what isn't right or good enough. The company couldn't care less about its people, even though they rant on about how they do. People who work in head office are clueless. They are so stuck in one mindset that if anyone steps out of that, they will be reprimanded. Nothing is ever good enough for anyone who doesn't work in the store every day. The pay is low for the amount of stress and work you have to do. Customers always get whats they want, simply by complaining to head office and then you get written up for poor performance from it. Absolutely disgraceful place to work.Discount, co-workers can be greatHead office have no idea what it's like in store and expect ridiculous results"

Team Member (Former Employee) says

"Just don’t trust me. I’ll rather Yeet the west gate than work here again Everyone was just sad No one wanted to be there Also the training was bad And if u don’t become better in like 2 days they stop giving you shifts. Just don’t Run"

Crew Member (Casual) says

"I definitely wouldn’t recommend working here to absolutely anyone. The management is a shitshow and does not care about the employees what so ever. I have broke down crying because of being bullied by my managers and being yelled at for no reason. The managers made me feel stupid and constantly belittled me until the point where my mental health was so low that I had to quit.nothingeverything especially management"

Cashier/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Managers are trash. They bully you and pay you close to nothing. The Hungry Jacks I worked at the manager was very sexist and always sided with the men. I got locked in the freezer by one of the boys and I got in trouble for being in there but the boy got a little giggle from the manager. Disgusting workplace.NothingEverything"

Crew Member (Former Employee) says

"I’ve only been working at Hallam Hungry Jack for a short time and have to say the crew members were awesome to work with. The biggest problem is the lack of communication from management team. Crew members have no say at all. Such a horrible place to work at if management sucks at what they do.New friendsNo communication from management. Pay sucks big time."

Crew member (Former Employee) says

"Was fun at first, everyone was very friendly especially the crew. But didn't get treated very well by some managers and barely got shifts. The hourly pay was bad.BreaksNot many shifts"

CREW MEMBER (Former Employee) says

"i worked there for 2 years at $10 an hour. it was stressful agressive and awful. i had long shifts, the managers specifically the store manager was crazy angry and awful to be around."

Customer service (Former Employee) says

"i learned new things but the people there didn't treat me very nicely in which i had to leave due to that reason. the hardest part was trying to connect with my other co workers"

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